Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie 28 (2019)

 Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie 28 (2019)

Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie 28 (2019)

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Alain Arrault & Élisabeth Chabanol
À nos lecteurs / To Our Readers


James ROBSON, Seunghye LEE & Youn-mi KIM
The Korean Pokchang Tradition and the Placing of Objects in Buddhist Statues


JEONG Eunwoo
The Formation of the Buddhist Pokchang Tradition during the Koryŏ Period and Its Significance

Seunghye LEE
Rethinking Pokchang as Pratiṣṭhā: The Invention of a Ritual of Image Consecration in Korean Buddhism

SONG Il-gie
Recent Discoveries and Significance of Texts from inside Buddhist Statues in Korea

Youn-mi KIM
Surrogate Body inside the Sacred Body: Used Clothing in Korean Buddhist Statues

Richard D. McBRIDE II
Korean Sūtras on the Production of Buddhist Images: The Chosang kyŏng 造像經 and Image Rituals in the Chosŏn Period

KANG Heejung
Making Buddhist Statues Alive: Pokchang as the Buddha-Mother and Maṇḍala in Late Chosŏn Period Korea

LEE Yongyun
Changes in the Installation of Pokchang and Throat-Bell Containers in Buddhist Paintings of the Late Chosŏn Period

LEE Seonyong
The Pokchang Ritual for Buddhist Paintings

KIM Soyeon
Annotated Bibliography of Pokchang Studies
Slaves, Village Headmen, and Aristocrats: Patronage and Functions of Buddhist Sculpture Burials in Late Koryŏ and Early Chosŏn Korea

Élisabeth CHABANOL
Kaesong, 1630 : une stèle méritoire en l’honneur du secrétaire général O Tan
Comptes rendus / Book reviews

Sun-ah CHOI
Chŏng Ŭn-u (Jeong Eunwoo) 鄭恩雨 & Sin Ŭn-je (Shin Eunjae) 申銀齊, Koryŏ ŭi sŏngmul, pulbokchang 고려의 성물, 불복장 [Sacred Objects of the Koryŏ Kingdom, or the Abdominal Cache of the Buddha]

Éléonore CARO
Yu Xin 余欣, Savoir traditionnel et pratiques magiques sur la route de la Soie

Auteurs du présent volume / Contributors to This Volume